Neglect, in search of Love.

“I used to think the worst thing in life was to end up alone, it’s not. The worst thing in life is to end up with the people the make you feel alone.”                                             Robin William. RIP

This story is an emotional journey of a woman whom from childhood is constantly taunted by the strains of loneliness and neglect.  She searches her ancestral long lost family for solutions of adoption, hoping to find the love that has been deeply denied to her. This story touches the heart of Mary Greene-Jones, her mind in torment as she is strained by adoption, left in loneliness as a result of neglect and her battle through life to succeed in a plan for existence and Love.

Adoption; How has it changed for the central character’s family over 4 generations? What solutions did they provide in the past to protect their young? How can long lost families find each other again?

Neglect; Emotional Neglect, asks a question in that do we really understand the impact of it on young children growing up?  How can such neglect be healed?  How can these emotional scars resolve themselves growing up and what are the impact of bringing such scars into the complexity of adulthood? To read the beginning of this emotional and descriptive journey, see below

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Themes of Neglect, Adoption, loneliness and Love have always intrigued me. I personally understand the isolation these themes can cause, the consideration of emotional alternatives even when people believe they have everything resolved for themselves, but one has to remember that in the entanglement and residue of emotional intricacies of adoption neglect it is a very hard time to overcome no matter how strong we believe we are. By the end of the eight chapter I was wiping away my tears while trying to keep writing and pressing tear stained keys so I would not miss a single descriptive moment of what Mary Greene-Jones had to endure! ‘Neglect’ a search for Love leaves a deep residue for me and I take delight in being able to tell this empathic transitional story of life.  

Walker A. White

‘Neglect’ in search of Love; traverses four generations uncovering an insightful interpretation of how adoption was often managed and dealt with by a large English family for it’s children that were born outside of marriage and wedlock; ultimately disgraced, but within a solution of saving grace. In this fictional work it began at the end of the 1940’s, just after the aftermath of WW2 and all the consequences such a war brought with it and its subsequent influences on the way the story’s central character found a way to live her life after a torrent of emotional abuse. This fictional story revolves around its central character Mary Greene-Jones and looks at the strangeness of her own family that she is born into in the late 1960’s and the impact of the early fight of adoption had on her. Her journey centres on the discoveries that she unearths in trying to understand why she had been treated with isolation, loneliness and neglect as a child and young girl by her own family. Her family in an odd twist, turns out to be eventual her own ‘adopting’ family, even though she was taken away from them at the beginning of her life but after an adoption fought against the state and won by Mary’s own mother, her life didn’t turn out what anyone would have expected it to be. This story of tragedy expands to Mary’s own pursuit to have her own child adopted with a single intention; to see if her child could be truly loved by an adopted family in the same way she hoped she would have been, but wasn’t. She becomes fascinated by her ordeal, with a retention that she would have preferred that the state had won and removed her from her own family’s custody, placing her with an alternative family and in so doing her mother would have lost her case to hold onto her. The story culminates to be televised on a British TV program; ‘Surprise Surprise!’ This co-ordinated revelation leads to a devastating realisation that not everything works out as planned. This is a psychological harrowing tale, primed with tragedy, hope, sadness, joy, disillusionment, child-full imagination, mindful strangeness, great fortitude, disability, wisdom, fear, togetherness, isolation and ultimately neglect. It questions if hope and in its reflection a correct decision undertaken, can resolve our central character’s basic human need for existence in a life that should include emotional supporting relationships of family, friendship, love and respect in a disillusioning world of potential mental anguish and psychological despair.



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